Sulfit Clothing has been designed to cater for those people who go to the gym but can never find clothes to fit them.
The founder and owner Josh Sullivan has had this problem for years. If you find a good fit usually the quality is terrible. Thats why here at Sulfit we have only designed garments that we know will fit you perfectly and that will also last.

We also feel like there is something missing in market. We want to bring you clothes not only you can wear in the gym but ones you can wear out of the gym whether youre walking around shopping or going out for a meal with family and friends. Sulfit is the perfect choice for any occasion. We want to combine fitness with your lifestyle.

Finally our slogan “Ambition is priceless” we believe here at Sulfit that no matter what situation or circumstance you are in you always have an imagination you can always dream and have ambition. Choosing to wear Sulfit shows that you are somebody that wants to improve yourself whether it be in the gym or just normal day to day life.

We hope you love our products, there is still so much more to come.

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